Sunday, June 17, 2012


It's been a long time and a hard, difficult decision has been made to leave blogger and move to wordpress, to start a new blog under the old name, make a clean slate and in a sense begin all over again. I hope anyone who has been reading this blog will be willing to move to my revamped site. Over there I've added new features (such as tags, embedded videos and extra pages). I'm bringing over my old reviews one at a time, revising them as I go. I'm using my Nymith moniker and have dispensed with the Monday regime. I have tried to retain the spirit from over here regardless and hope any who check it out will see these things as improvements rather than unnecessary clutter. It was a great journey to make, from my earliest reviews to my final ones, but this blog is now the record of my first apprenticeship. My new blog is the continuing story. Please check it out. I won't be posting here again but I'm grateful for what silent audience I was able to muster this time around. Goodbye. R.M./C.M.

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